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Cathy Reinard, Associate Broker

Cathy Reinard is an Associate Broker with Danielle Windus Cook Properties, LLC.  While Cathy is the designated realtor for the Own a KOA resale program, she does list and sell conversion opportunities and independent parks as well all over the United States. Prior to becoming a realtor, she was an industry consultant and operator of three different RV parks over the years. One in the Yogi system and two in the KOA system. She is currently the owner with her daughter, Christine Taylor. Esq. of a  KOA conversion property, The Catskill Mountains/Gilboa KOA Holiday. This time as a semi-absentee owner.

Cathy has won numerous industry awards over the years for the growth in income of her parks, the quality of facilities, her customer service skills, recreational programming, and marketing prowess. Her parks are always consistently rated by all rating agencies in the top five percent in the nation. She purchased her first park in the late 90’s. She has been a part of the ever-evolving industry ever since.

Cathy gives extensively of her time presenting at numerous industry conferences on various marketing and operational topics. Cathy has her BS in Industrial Management and her MBA in Marketing.

Prior to becoming a campground owner Cathy worked in corporate America as a sales representative for Polaroid winning the industrial division salesperson of the year award and then later as the Industrial Gas Manager for PSE&G.

Cathy may be reached at:
(518) 755-0792
[email protected]

Cathy Reinard