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Danielle Windus-Cook Properties is a New York based Real Estate firm specialized in campground sales. Our agents have been building a strong network of buyers and sellers all across New York State for over 15 years. With our regional connections and a presence extending from the Greater Rochester New York Area to Long Island, our success in quickly pairing buyers and sellers compares to no other.

It’s more than just closing the deal.

At Danielle Windus-Cook Properties, we are more about more than closing the deal. We want to understand what is driving our buyers and sellers through each transaction. With our own experiences transactionally and statewide, we have the necessary full-proof knowledge to guide you through each step of the transaction with informed decision making.

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Danielle Windus-Cook
Danielle Windus-CookBroker/Owner
Danielle Windus-Cook is the Broker/Owner of Danielle Windus-Cook Properties in Brockport, New York. Since its opening, Danielle has seen Danielle Windus-Cook Properties through residential, commercial and campground sales. Her nearly 30 years of experience in mortgage origination and real estate sales provides Danielle with full knowledge and experience through each transaction from start to finish.

In addition to her Brockport office, Danielle is an Associate Broker with a firm on Long Island. Her travels between the two offices allow her the availability and presence across all New York State for campground transactions.

Taking the time to meet with each buyer and seller and prepare and evaluate properties drives Danielle to knowing what is at the heart of each client’s transaction. She knows that it is more than just fitting her clients needs. These are lifelong investments extending beyond the close of each transaction.

Mobile: (585) 615-4521

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Eleanor Filowick
Eleanor FilowickRealtor
Eleanor Filowick brings over 18 years of Real Estate Sales experience to Danielle Windus-Cook Properties with prior business and insurance knowledge. Beginning in campground insurance sales, Eleanor found her niche for continuous travel, relationship building and sightseeing across New York State.

When preparing to retire, Eleanor realized many of her interactions were with out-of-state agents selling campgrounds, and she pinned this as the perfect opportunity to bring her knowledge, pair it with something she loves and help her clients do the same.

Specializing in campground sales, Eleanor travels throughout New York State representing owners selling their campgrounds and buyers who are looking to purchase campgrounds. Her experience and knowledge allows her to bring a thorough, attentive to detail mindset to each listing. She puts forth every effort possible to bring each transaction to a satisfactory close and be at the heart of each transaction.

Mobile: (585) 303-4638

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